Harvest of Good Things

Have patience unto My coming, says the LORD. Be patient, and wait for Me to come on the scene. I will invade your situations with solutions that are spectacular. Wait on Me! I will bring you revival and refreshing. I will be your exceeding, great reward. Be patient, for the harvest of GOOD THINGS is coming. There will be no failed harvest, and the worm will not devour, the pestilence will not destroy, and the thief will not rob you of your blessings. Your labor in Me will not be in vain! I will give you a desired end, says the LORD.

Hope in Me, for after all is said and done, your hope will remain, as you hold onto My unfailing hand, says the LORD. I will give you the support you need, and keep you steady on your feet, even in times of adversity. You never need to fear. I Am with you, always, to give you stability, to secure you, and bring you to a place of safety. You are precious to Me, and I will keep you from harm’s way, as you entrust your entire care to Me, as your GREAT SHEPPERD, who meticulously, continually cares for you, says the LORD.

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