Gods Blessings

Blessed to Become a Blessing

Gods Blessings
I will give you everything that you need, says the Lord. You will not be empty, but full. I will not just supply you, but I will give you more than enough, so that you will be blessed to become a blessing. I desire My children to participate in My kingdom, not just bask in their blessings. Even as I asked My servant, Moses, “What is in your hands,” I Am asking you.  Use what I have given you for My Kingdom and My glory, says the LORD.

For you are never without substance and seed, says the Lord.  I give you seed to sow, not to eat. The harvest requires seed time, and seed must be planted. Use what I have given you and I will increase what you have, as you focus on what I have called you to Be and what I have created you to do! Be faithful in the few things that I have assigned you to do, and know that I will entrust you with More, and furnish you for every work that I have not only called you to do, but CHOSEN you to perform, says the LORD.

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