There is an open door for you in My presence, says the LORD. You do not have to knock. I have given you the keys to My kingdom, and there is nothing that is good that I will ever withhold from you. I never have, and I never will. Have you considered that the things that you have wanted are not always what will bring you pleasure? I know what will. There is PLEASURE forevermore in MY presence, and you will have unspeakable JOY! Remover yourself from the worldly things that will only bring you pleasure for a season and enter into the forevermore that I have for you! For what I give you is not for a season or times. My presence is not an invitation for you, but where you always belong! Therefore, JOY AND PLEASURE is what I have prescribed for your life, not pain and sorrow. So, come in and enjoy Me, and bask in My unspeakable joy that always awaits you, says the LORD.

I take no pleasure in your grief and sorrow, says the LORD. I will rid you of it. Sickness and pain is what I came to deliver you out of. I Am your healer, and I will never inflict you with disease. The enemy is the one who came to steal, kill, and destroy. I cannot side with the enemy, ever. But I will side with you, always, because you are MY CHILD. I came to destroy the works of the devil and empower you to tread upon him and defeat him, not to be defeated by Him. Rise up! Stand up, straight and tall, and know that you are My beloved child, and victory always belongs to YOU, says the LORD!

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