Fear and Doubt are of the Enemy

Fear and doubt are of the enemy, says the LORD. For he wants you to think his negative thoughts, hear his roar, speak his words and believe what he is threatening. He wants you to focus on what he is saying and what he is doing, so that you cannot hear My voice and see what I Am doing! For I Am the Sovereign, and I Am the VOICE that will lead you, and I will always lead you into all truth. The lies of the enemy will only confuse you, distract you, and keep you agitated and frustrated. But I will give you peace, as your mind is stayed on ME, and MY INFALLIBLE Word, and Awesome Works that cannot be altered, changed, or out-powered, says the LORD.

You will remain unscathed by the attacks of the enemy as you resist the temptations to focus on what you see and feel and hear that the enemy is doing, says the LORD. I Am above all, in all, aware of all things, and on your side. Think on the GOOD things, for GOOD is My will for you. GOOD is MY WORK. GOOD is MY WORD, and I have made you a GOOD and faithful servant, that will fight against the darkness with My light in you. I have given you superior weapons that will defeat the enemy and destroy his weapons that are against you and those under your care. You have been given MY NAME, and MY WORD. HEAR! BELIEVE! OBEY, and go in the direction that I lead, as I will be with you always, to give you GOOD success, says the LORD.

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