I will forgive and forget, says the LORD. I do not keep a record of sins that I have cleansed you from by My own blood, as you have confessed them to Me, and repented of them. I have instantly washed you, purged you and erased every mark and stain of sin. There is NO RECORD of them in heaven, so there should be no record of them in your own mind and heart. Clean is clean, and my cleansing is perfect, says the LORD.

Forget the sins of the past that you have repented of, says the LORD. Do not dwell on them, for I don’t. If others condemn you, do NOT condemn yourself. The accuser will always accuse the saints, and never tells the truth. I AM the truth that endures forever, and I have told you the truth! You are washed. You are clean. Your faith in Me has made you perfect in Me, as I have given you MY RIGHTEOUSNESS! Do not even think of what was when it no longer exists. For you will stand, complete in Me, My righteousness, and My Holiness, as I have separated you unto Myself and given good standing in Me. Walk now in the righteousness that I have given you and be as I have made you: a holy vessel that will be used for My glory, as you walk in Me and My Holy Spirit, says the LORD.

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