I have forgiven your sin and forgotten it, says the LORD.  You have asked Me to cleanse you, as you came before Me and repented.  I received you, and sanctified you in My own blood, and  made you perfectly whole. You are spotless, and there is nothing in you that is unholy.  I have made you righteous and holiness unto Me, says the LORD.

Do not accept the condemnation of the enemy, says the LORD.  He has nothing to say, for there is no record of any sin and unrighteousness in My books.  Stop thinking of what was and know that I have clothed you with My robe of righteousness.  I have clad you with the garment of Salvation, and given you the garment of praise for your heaviness.  You are precious in My sight, and My beloved child. Let your heart be filled with the joy of My salvation that I have granted you and know that My favor and grace for you is sufficient, says the LORD.





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