Goodness and Mercy

I am patient, gracious and kind, says the LORD. My goodness and mercy for you is everlasting. It never runs out. You cannot exhaust My love and grace, for I never need to multiply it. It is already an endless supply. You can depend upon My love for you, for it is not dependent upon circumstances or what mood you are in. For there will be ups and downs, ins and outs, but I am constant and faithful to you, says the LORD.

Look unto Me for favor and grace, and trust that you will receive it, says the LORD. I Am your constant companion and will remain by your side all the days of your life. No one can interfere with My love for you, and nothing that happens will destroy it or cause Me to withhold it. You are My beloved child, and because you are Mine, you will know that My favor lasts for a lifetime, and My compassion and faithfulness are unimpeachable, says the LORD.

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