Grace and Favor

I will give you My grace and pour out My favor upon you and mantle you with My glory, says the LORD. For as you sought Me, and My kingdom and My righteousness, you will not be disappointed. What you seek for, you will find. My kingdom is eternal, and you will find everlasting joy in Me. I will show you My glory and give you power to overcome and overwhelm the enemy and his kingdom of darkness. You will not be a captive, but liberated to serve Me, says the LORD.

I will give you MORE than you sought Me for, says the LORD. For the things that I have in store for you that love me is beyond your imagination. I will astound you with My power. I will pour out My SPIRIT and send a mighty revival in the land. For I will not come for a powerless church, a filthy, spotted, wrinkled and blemished church. I will not only sanctify my church, but I will build them, empower them. They will bring in My vast harvest, and I will prepare them for My soon return for My church that I have glorified, says the LORD.

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