I Am your helper, says the LORD. Do not say that you do not have any help, for I will always be there to help you make decisions, do the right thing, and go in the right direction. You never have to falter, as you depend upon My counsel. For there is nothing that I will not reveal onto you that will benefit you in your walk with Me, says the LORD.

My understanding is infinite, and you can have an understanding as you come to Me, and ask Me for wisdom, and believe that I will give it to you, says the LORD. My knowledge fills the earth, and you can be filled with it. I will fortify and strengthen you as you allow Me to. For I Am your strength, and you can be strong in Me, not just in your heart and body, but in your mind, will and emotions. You can withstand the storms of life, and be untouched by them, as you are filled with the Knowledge of My infallible word and walk in it. Then you will never fail, and nothing shall harm you, alter you or defeat you, says the LORD.

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