I Bear Your Burdens

I Am your burden bearer, says the Lord. Hurl every care onto Me and become linked with Me. For My easy yoke and light burden will not weigh you down. I want you to be carefree. I will sustain you, and give you joy for your sorrow, and comfort you on every side, says the LORD.

Trouble on every side is not from Me, but the enemy, says the LORD. I will be the trouble maker to the enemy and destroy his diabolical works. His weapons formed against you will be broken, and his assignments against you will not be able t be carried out. He is not in control. I AM. I have you in the palm of My hand, and nothing can remove you. Know that I Am on your side, as you are linked with Me, and allow Me to maneuver you. You will be light hearted and have unspeakable joy for the journey, as you entrust your total care to Me, says the LORD.

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