Keep Your Hand to the Plow

Keep your hand to the plow, and do not turn back, says the LORD.  For I take NO pleasure in those who turn back!  The harvest will be great for those who are laborers in My field, not those who sit there and watch the work go forward, with no action or investment in My kingdom.  I want you to have faith that is in action, and not just waiting for ME to move.  I have partnered with you, to partake, and do the works that I have called you to do, that I have fully prepared, equipped and furnished you to do, says the LORD.

Quitters never please me, but finishers DO, says the LORD.  I will never cease to help you. I Am aware of you and your needs. I hear the cry of your heart and will answer your prayers. I desire for you to answer MY CALL and be ready for MY command.  Do not faint in the field of labor, for the harvest is well-worth your endurance!  Be faithful, says the LORD, and NEVER turn back, and you will receive a reward, partake of the harvest that will be plenteous, and sing the joyous songs of the reaper, as you will KNOW and realize that your labor is NOT vain in Me, says the LORD.

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