I have spoken, I AM speaking, and I will continue to speak, says the LORD. I will not be silent. You will know My voice as My beloved sheep of My pasture. I will direct you and lead and guide you continually, as you listen to My voice. What I have spoken, I will do! What I speak, I will perform. What I will speak is My Word that will be done in you as it is in heaven, For My Word and My will and My Way and MY Work are identical, and can never be separated. I watch over MY WORD to perform it, says the LORD.

Listen, says the LORD. For you are not without My counsel. Trust in what I Am speaking and KNOW that it is the truth that will not only set you free but will guide your steps that I order for you. I will not abandon the works of My hands! The earth belongs to ME. Those who have come to Me, and received Me, are MINE, and I will not abandon them at any time. I will furnish them, heal them, direct their work, order their steps, and make a way for them. For nothing is impossible with ME, and they are My handiwork that I will beautify and glorify, and use FOR My glory, says the LORD.

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