Let this be a day of memorial to you, says the LORD.  Set in your heart stones of remembrance and engrave on these tablets My goodness and mercy to you.  Inscribe in your heart the blessings that I have loaded you with, the petitions that I have granted, the sudden surprises that I have lavished you with, and the unspeakable gifts that I have given.  Let your testimonies of My intervention and help be memorialized.  For as you revisit them, you will again renew your mind by My Words that have been fulfilled in your life, says the LORD.

Look at these memorials again and again as you face new and unexpected battles, says the LORD.  For as I have kept you in the past, provided for you in the past, answered your needs in your past, Am I not able to do that again and again?  I have brought you out of your wilderness and given you blessings untold.  Remember the good things, and face the bad things head on, knowing that My faithfulness has never been challenged, My mercy endures forever, and the outcome of your stories will always have a good report.  What you are facing today will become a memorial, as you will testify in the land of the LIVING that Your God is Almighty, and there is none other like Me, says the LORD.




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