My Field is Ripe for Harvest

My field is ripe for harvest, says the LORD. I Am calling laborers to gather the wheat into My garners. Many that I have called before have shut their ears, and ignored Me. I have raised up a new breed of laborers that do not resemble the former. They will hear My voice, and go where I send them, and do what I ask of them, for they will come out of the places that I have kept them hid for such a time as this. They will bring in My harvest, says the LORD.

My holy remnant will not be that which man has chosen, but I look on the heart. I know those who will obey My voice, and follow My lead and My command. They are despised and rejected of men, just as I Am, but they are My called out, chosen vessels! I will fill them with My Spirit and empower them to do great things, and they will not take the credit for what I only will do. Because they will do everything for the honor of My holy Name, I will give them power to overcome, and to do great things for My Kingdom, and They will give ME all the glory, and I will USE THEM for My glory, says the LORD.

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