My Word is Powerful

My Word is powerful, healing, life giving, and penetrating, says the Lord. My Word heals, repairs, revives, resurrects, and restores. My Word is a fire that will destroy the works of the devil and his weapons that are formed against you. My WORD will nullify the curses of the enemy, who has no power over you. You can trust in My infallible Word and KNOW that there is NO OTHER Word that can overpower MINE, says the LORD.

I will override the stout words of the enemy against you, and you will know that I will veto everything that he has devised against you, says the LORD. For all that he says he will do, is just a lie. He has NO POWER to carry out his threats and cannot enforce his will upon you. I Am the LIVING WORD of LIFE, and I have given you MY WORD. What I say is final, and none can veto My decrees. I have commanded My blessings upon you, and will give you everything that you need, and no power can stop Me. Trust in My WORD, for it is the TRUTH that endures, forever, and I will perform it, for all who will believe, says the LORD.

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