Saved, Delivered, Healed

I Am the Lord of glory. I change Not, says the Lord. Didn’t I say that when you call upon My name, you would be saved, delivered and healed? This is My Word that I watch over to perform, not just once in awhile, or when you put a demand upon it, but always. For I have spoken it. I have already declared it. I have decreed it. It is infallible. It cannot be erased or changed. It is undeniable, says the LORD.

For My Word works when nothing else does, says the LORD. My Word is firm and solid, when nothing else seems to be reliable. Do not focus on what others say, or what others have proclaimed. I have spoken. I have proclaimed, and My Word will work for you all the time as you simply believe and stand upon it, regardless of the situations you are facing, says the LORD.

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