Set Free to Serve Me

Nothing can keep you in bondage, says the LORD. I Am the One Who sets you free, so that you can serve Me. Although some may tell you that you will have to pay the price for your sins and remain suffering because of them, that is NOT true. When I have forgiven you, I have forgotten them. When I have paid the full price for them, then why would I expect you to pay for them? As you trust Me to save you, then also trust that I will set you at liberty from the wages of sin, as I give you abundant life in Me, says the LORD.

Be loosed from the negative thoughts that have held you captive, says the LORD. It is the enemy that has planted them. Pluck them up and out by the roots and cast them away! Pull down those strongholds of the enemy that he has built up in your mind and emotions and use the weapons that I have given you to tear down those walls. Dwell upon My Word. Speak and declare My Word. For My Word will work for you, and the enemy’s lies will not hold you back. Let My mind be in you as you dwell upon what I have said. For what you think will become the direction that you take, and as you think on ME, you will walk in the light that I have provided for you, and this will lead you toward your full destiny purpose in Me, says the LORD.

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