There are absolutes, says the Lord. There are things set in stone, even as I inscribed My Commands that were written by My own finger on the tablets of stone that My servant Moses was to give to My people. I Am that sure foundation that you can stand upon at all times, that will keep you in times of any storm. The flood gates will not destroy you, as you are secure in Me. My Word is infallible and can never be changed. What I said will never be undone by any other decree, and I will never change My mind. I Am absolutely faithful, absolutely love, absolutely everything that you need, always, and you can absolutely trust in Me at all times, says the LORD.

The words and works of others will change and may fail, says the LORD. Many will run from you in times of trouble. Faithfulness will be scares, but I will never leave you, nor forsake you. I Am a friend that will stick with you when others flee. I will keep you, night and day, when others only want to be with you for what you can give. You will never be abandoned by Me, and you will know that I Am faithful and true at all times. Trust that My unchanging love is who I Am and what I do, regardless of the circumstances that you face. TRUST IN ME, for you are absolutely beloved of Me, says the LORD

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