Touch Not Mine Anointed

What the enemy has to say is only scare tactics to distract you, confuse you and worry you, says the LORD. Hurl them back into his face and return them to sender! For I Am not threatening you, but I will be a terror to the enemy. When I said, “TOUCH NOT MINE Anointed,” did you exempt yourself? For all that have come to Me, and received Me, I will receive, and they have become anointed by My Spirit that is within. They are My sanctified and holy ones, and the enemy has NOTHING to say, and has no authority over them, says the LORD.

You are not left behind and lack nothing, as you have received Me, says the LORD. I will not give to one, and not give to another. You are not going to be at the back of the line, waiting for your turn, that never seems to come. THERE IS NO LINE! You can come straight into My throne room, to find grace to help you in any time of trouble, and I immediately recognize you, hear you, and answer. I will never refuse you, and your cry will be heard, your petitions received, and the answers of peace will be given to YOU, always, says the LORD.

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