This is a new day for you, says the LORD.  It is a turning point in your life, as you turn away from the pointless rehashing over the past mistakes that you and others have made, turn away from the pain that you have experienced, and turn away from the former things that have held you back. They have taken up much of your attention and energy, and it is time for you to begin afresh and anew, says the LORD.

The former things have passed away, and the new day has dawned.  You must walk in the light of this new day, and let the darkness of the past be a closed door to you.  Shut the door to the thoughts of yesterday with all of the things you felt it should have been and see the well-lit path ahead of you.  Take a step in the light, in a new direction, for the new is better than the old, and your future holds new promises and potential that you now must press on to discover and explore as a new adventure awaits you, says the LORD.

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