You Will Know My Will

You will KNOW My will, says the LORD. It is NOT a guessing game! I will direct your path by My still, small voice within you. You will NEVER be in the dark, for My kingdom is LIGHT, with NO DARKNESS at all. My Word is a LAMP onto your feet, and a light onto YOUR path. Just walk in the light and go through the doors that I OPEN FOR YOU! They are THERE! Open your eyes and see! Open your ears and HEAR! Obey My voice, and go in the direction that I lead you, says the LORD.

It is a straight and narrow path, says the LORD. The few that find it are those who are SEEKING MY WILL and WAY. As they forfeit their own ways that even seem right. For I Am ALL-KNOWING, and ALL-WISE, and EVER-PRESENT, and I will not steer you wrong or lead you in circles. Take the steps I order, as each is well-lit. You do not have to see everything, know everything, understand everything, but TRUST IN ME to be your EVERYTHING and ALL. I have everything in control, and as you give ME your total life, you will KNOW abundant life in Me, and I will give you a life that is worth living, as your life becomes HID in Me, says the LORD.

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