Astounding Miracles

I AM not confined to what I have already done, and I Am not limited to what I have already spoken, says the LORD.  Look, I made everything that exists by My Own hands and spoke things into existence that you now see.  I Am still working, still speaking, still creating, and still doing marvelous things that you have NEVER heard of.  I will do great and mighty things in the midst of you that will astound you!   I Am unlimited, and what I will perform will exceed your imagination, your highest expectations, and your greatest dreams.  My higher thoughts and ways are not within your ability to comprehend, and I will do what is NEW and unprecedented, says the LORD.

Let your faith and confidence in Me be without limits, says the LORD.  I Am the HIGHEST, and nothing can stop Me from fulfilling MY thoughts and imaginations that you could never even begin to comprehend.  I will do GREAT wonders and pour out miracles that will get the attention of those who believe in Me, as well as those who do not.  For nothing can hinder Me, dictate to Me or box Me in.  My limitless power will be witnessed, and you will KNOW that I have no boundaries or inabilities, as I will put Myself on display as the Almighty, all-wise GOD that performs miracles that are unheard of, and you will KNOW that I AM indeed your GOD, the ONLY GOD, and I will do whatever I desire to do for you, and perform the things deemed  impossible,  says the LORD.



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