Cast Cares

Cast Your Care on the LORD

Cast CaresAs you are waiting on Me, I Am also waiting on You, says the LORD. You wonder what I AM going to do and how I AM going to act. You can KNOW that surely, as the sun rises in the morning, and sets at night, I will be on time, on task and unfailing. BUT I AM WAITING for you to cast your care on Me. I Am standing with you, faithfully by your side, not to merely observe you and be your cheer leader, but to be your burden bearer. GIVE THEM TO ME, and LET ME BECOME your total trust and care, and become care-free, says the LORD.

I will carry you as you cast yourself on ME as well, says the LORD. For your difficulties are NOT to hard for ME. You do not know how to handle them, but I DO! I know exactly what you need, it and I am always ON TIME. You can unburden yourself and rest in My care, KNOWING THAT THERE IS NOTHING that you need that I cannot supply, as you trust in Me at all times and wait on Me. You do not have to jump to conclusions, for I AM THE BEGINNING and the end, and I will free you from the heaviness and load you bear if you will relinquish everything to Me, and allow Me to do it, for I DO ALL THINGS WELL, says the LORD.

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