Celebrate Me

Celebrate Me, says the LORD. Celebrate the new life that I have given you, that is eternal and not temporal. Rejoice in My unspeakable gifts that you have been given. I want you to look forward and not back. For those things that are behind you are only the stepping stones that will be used to bring you higher now. Excel in the new things and forget the things that are under your feet. For the things that you have learned from the difficulties that you endured will not weaken you, but strengthen you, says the LORD.

I have given you things that are eternal, that cannot be taken away from you, ever, says the LORD. Let the things that are temporal be nothing to you in comparison to that which I give. For I give you glory and grace. I give you unspeakable joy! I give you peace. I give you My everlasting love, and I have given you NEW THINGS. Let the former things be as dung under your feet and walk in the light of the new day that I have given you. For your journey of faith in Me will only bring you into the new places that I have prepared for you, and you will not be bound, but be free, says the LORD.

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