My table that I have set before you in MY presence is LOADED with everything that you need, and more, says the LORD. I have prepared a feast for you and Am calling you to come and dine. Your enemies will only look longingly at what I have given you, as they press their noses against the window, and watch Me lavish My good gifts onto you. They will not taste and see that I AM good. I will honor you as My beloved servant-child and give you My hidden treasures to open in the sight of those who hate you. For the workers of iniquity will not enjoy My supper, but you will eat and drink and be fat and full of My blessings, says the LORD.

I will vindicate you in the sight of all, says the LORD. Though you have suffered, you will recover, for I will restore you. I will give you more than what you lost, more than what was stolen from you, and I will pour out My judgment and justice and vengeance upon the evil doers. You will know that I Am with you, on your side, and I will not only defend you, but I will fight for you. I will restore comforts onto you. I will rebuke the destroyer for your sake, and give you the victory over your enemies, as you have cried out to me for. I will heal your wounds and dry your tears. You will have more than enough, and the days of your mourning will be over, says the LORD.

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