Don’t Be Afraid to Come Close to ME

Don’t be afraid to come close to Me, says the LORD. I will not turn you away or frighten you. I welcome you into My presence where I made a way for you to friendship and fellowship with Me through the finished work on the cross and My shed blood for you. You can share your concerns, for My ears are always open to your prayers, and I know the very cry of your heart. I Am attentive to every need that you have, and your tears are stored forever. I care for your soul when there seems to be none that does. I will always be with you to help you and give you comfort on every side when you are troubled on every side, says the LORD.

Do not fear to ask me anything, says the LORD. You can always share your heart with Me, and I will never judge you or condemn you. I know you. I understand you. I Am for you and not against you. You are never an intruder and there is NEVER a bad time for you to call upon Me. I will give you My full attention and help you with anything you need. Come boldly into My presence, for you are greatly beloved of Me, and your needs and desires of your heart are not difficult for Me to grant. Be near to Me, says the LORD, for I love your company, and your voice is what I long to hear, as you come into the secret place and enjoy intimacy with Me, says the LORD.

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