Don’t Be Alarmed By Bad News You Hear

Don’t be alarmed by the bad news that you hear, says the LORD. I have GOOD NEWS for you! I have given you eternal life, an eternal destiny, eternal rewards and eternal joy that is unspeakable and full of GLORY. Your earthly sojourn is full of ups and downs, trials and tests, but your position in Me is sound. I have given you a place that cannot be taken away from you as you will be seated in heavenly places with ME. I have given you blessings that cannot be extracted from you, and you are fully enabled to overcome everything that comes your way, by what have given you, says the LORD.

Let none of the troublesome things that you hear and see move you from your fixed position of being rooted and grounded in Me by your faith and trust in ME. I will finish the good work I have begun in you and perfect that which concerns you. You will not be an incomplete or failure to thrive, regardless of the on slot of the enemy against you. You are already declared the victor in ME, as you stand upon Me and My eternal word, a sure foundation in any difficulty that you face. I have been with you in the past, am with you now, and forever I will be with you to bring you through every situation with the shout of victory, and the voice of triumph, says the LORD.

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