Don’t Rush to Judgment

Don’t rush to judgment, says the LORD. You do not know everything. I see everything, know everything, and My understanding is infinite. DO NOT LEAN ON YOUR OWN. Let Me teach you and show you and enlighten you so that you will not speak of things that you do not know and make decisions that will cause you grief. Just wait for Me to show you and I will lead you in that path of righteousness, as you relinquish your own ways for MY HIGHER ways and abandon your own opinions and let Me download MY higher thoughts into you, says the LORD.

It is ok for you to ask Me, “Why,” but wait for ME to give you the answer. I will give you an answer of PEACE! Your answers will only gender MORE questions, but Mine will quiet you, settle you, and you will say, “Wow, I did not know that!” Of course, you did not know. That is why you are to wait on Me for instruction and trust that I WILL SPEAK TO YOU and show you what you need to know! Be patient, and do not try to make things happen in your time. Do not rush ahead without KNOWING, for I Am all-knowing, all-wise, and everywhere. I know what was and is and is to come. SO TRUST IN MY JUDGMENT, and I will show it to you as you wait on Me to speak, wait on Me to act, wait on Me to instruct, and give you the counsel and understanding that comes from Me, says the LORD>

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