I will make known to you my purposes and plans for your life that have been held in secret from you from the beginning, says the LORD. Things will come together for you and the things that you did not understand will become clear. You will see that all things work together for your good, according to My purposes, because you love Me, and are known by ME. You will be stunned by the outcome as I turn things around for you, says the LORD.

Doors will be opened for you that have been shut and locked, says the LORD. The things you never thought possible will suddenly happen miraculously and you will Have a new beginning as I create and make all things new for you. The days of small things will be over, and you will rejoice and be glad. You will not be disappointed in what I have for you and your waiting upon me to act will prove to be more than worthwhile as you enter into a new season of untold blessings and refreshing, says the Lord.

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