Embrace the Vision I Have Given You

Cast down those negative imaginations that have captured your attention and embrace the vision that I have given you, says the LORD.  For you will go in the direction that your thoughts take you.  Think My higher thoughts. Relinquish the voices of the enemy that desire to keep you in bondage and under his false authority, says the Lord.

Vanquish those tormenting fears, for they did not come from Me, says the LORD.  Forsake the condemnation and accusations and the arrogant assaults of the evil one that roars against you.  HEAR MY VOICE!  Volume does not mean power.  Turn down the racket of the enemy and his diabolical roar and turn your ear toward My still, small voice within you.  I do not have to shout, for My whisper is greater than the violent raging mouth of the enemy that is vying for your attention.  As you plug your ears to the enemy and open them to what I Am saying, you will find the peace that evades you, and your joy will be unspeakable, because I will give you the answers of PEACE, says the LORD.

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