Fight to the Finish

You are not a loser but a winner in Me, if you do not quit, says the LORD. My Spirit is always moving. MOVE with ME. You too will be unstoppable. Do not let the enemy convince you that you are stuck! You are NOT! Refuse to lie down and play dead, when I have given you life and purpose. Don’t wallow in despair when there is too much to do! Time is a gift that I have given you to use for My glory. Do not waste it on regrets and do not squander this gift by fretting about what the future holds. I Am not finished with you yet, and there is MUCH more for you to accomplish, says the LORD.

I have called you to be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in My Word, says the LORD. Position yourself in Me, and fight to the finish. A race that is won is not done so in thought but in deed. Take action, as you determine not only to finish, but to do so well! You can, and you will, if you refuse to let the enemy dictate with his lies and deceitful thoughts that discourage you and try to distract you from your purpose. Plug your ears and set your own face like flint, grit your teeth, and determine to be what I have created you to be, a mighty warrior that is armed and dangerous, fierce and tenacious, fully equipped to defeat the enemy and possess your personal promised land, says the LORD.

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