Finish Your Race

I am the author and finisher of your faith, says the LORD. But what you do with your faith will determine how things will go with you. I have instructed you to walk by faith, and not sight. If you fail to use the faith that I have given you and walk in it, then it will not produce any benefit. For faith is an action, not a position. You are not to sit but to stand, and then walk! I Have fully finished My good work that was finished before the foundation of the earth was laid, and before you were born, I Am, says the LORD.

Be as My servant, Paul, who finished his course and KEPT THE FAITH, says the LORD. Be a keeper of the faith as the most priceless gift that you have. Honor Me by your faith that is unfeigned and unfailing. FINISH your race. For Many have started well. They have turned back. I take no pleasure in quitters, but there awaits an unimaginable reward for those who will finish! Be faithful unto death, says the LORD, and you will receive a crown of life that awaits all those who WILL not forsake Me. Keep your eyes on Me and the finish line, and do not stop turn back. Never give up! For great is your awaiting your eternal reward, says the LORD.

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