I never have any unfinished business, says the LORD.  I always complete what I start.  I do not get distracted or shelve projects for a more convenient time, and then forget to get back to them.  You are MY workmanship.  You are more important than a created thing!  I have made you a living being, and My time and attention to you is unending.  You are always in My thoughts, in My sight, and important to Me, says the LORD.

My goodness and mercy for you is a constant, and not a variable, says the LORD.  I do not change My mind, My purpose, My plan according to circumstances or what others think or say or devise. I An YOUR GOD, and I Am the Sovereign.  What I do is everlasting, and I have given you everlasting life, because of your faith and trust in Me and My finished work on the cross.  My life was given for you and My blood was shed for you, because I value you and love you, and desired fellowship with you that is not just for time, but eternity.  Let your faith in Me and MY FINISHED WORK in you become the central theme of your earthly sojourn, and know that I have translated you into My kingdom of light that is eternal, as you finish your course and keep this faith, so that you will receive a crown of life that awaits you, says the LORD.

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