Forget the Past

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Forget the past, says the LORD. Press forward to the future and abandon all that has been traumatic as you give room for the blessings that I will pour out upon you, says the LORD. I will not only comfort you, but I will make all things new for you. You will not lament what was, for what I have prepared for you will far exceed your losses, says the LORD.

The pain of your past and all the things you lost will give way to the joy that you will have as pour out My blessings upon you, says the LORD. You will have more than enough and I will give you the light of a new day, with new direction, fresh hope and abundant peace. You will clap your hands for joy as you will be made to forget the things that made you weep on through the night, because I will give you a bountiful harvest of good things and you will leap for joy, says the LORD.

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