Stay long enough in My presence so that you can receive fullness of joy, says the LORD. I don’t want you to be half empty or half full. I want My joy that I have for you to run over, as I press it down in you, shake it together as I shake you by My Spirit, and cause it to flow out of you to effect the environs around you. You can light up a room with My light and it can be flooded with My presence, My power, My glory and My unspeakable joy, and you will break out in Holy Laughter, says the LORD.

Press into ME and My presence, until you are saturated with My glory, says the LORD. For when you are, you will be like a sponge that cannot contain any more and begins to drip. No one will need to extract from you and wring you out so that you are depleted and dry and empty, when My Spirit of rejoicing runs out of you from the overflow. Be drunk in MY Spirit and allow yourself to be unencumbered by the cares of this life so that you can ENJOY Me. I love to cause your heart to rejoice as I give you more than you can contain, more than you can control and more than you could ever imagine of My radiant gory as you press into My presence and allow Me to fill you with My unspeakable joy, says the LORD.

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