Focus your attention on today, says the LORD. Do not waste your time thinking of the past, whether it was good or evil. IT WAS, and today IS! Live fully the moments that you have right now, and stop regretting what became your history. The past is dead. Do not give it a continual memorial, for you have life today, and this very moment that you have is a gift from ME. Rejoice in it. Be glad, for you not only alive, but you have LIFE IN ME that is powerful and eternal, says the LORD.

Do not dwell on your disappointments, but look at your opportunities that you have NOW, says the LORD. Take a deep breath. I have given this to you! Be thankful for what you have, for contentment does not make you stagnant, but prepared for this new day. Did you think that you will be stuck in your circumstances that are negative if you give Me thanks for this day? I will bring you through every test and trial successfully, victoriously and triumphantly. Live in Me and walk in faith and rejoice that you belong to me, are not on your own, and I indeed AM with you, and your exceeding, great reward, says the LORD.

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