All those who hunger and thirst for Me and My righteousness will be filled, says the LORD. Your thirst will be quenched. You will not be empty, but full! I will never turn you away from My presence, and you will never want or lack any good thing! I have everything on My table for you to stuff yourself with, that will not sicken you or weaken you or bloat you, but will cause you to grow and flourish, says the LORD.

The fullness of My blessings belong to those who seek Me, says the LORD. I have the bread of life on the table, and healing belongs to Whosoever will come! I will not deny you wholeness and wellness and healing. JUST COME AND EAT and DRINK of the waters of life and the bread of My presence. Eat the Meat and drink the wine that will not only satisfy you, but thrill your soul! Your heart will be filled with laughter and joy and you will be fully satisfied, fat and full of My blessings upon blessings that will cause your heart to SING, says the LORD.

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