I want you to be a cheerful giver, says the LORD. Do you think that I give to you grudgingly? NEVER! I love to bless you. I love to give sudden, unexpected gifts to My children. I have given you things to ENJOY, for no special purpose or reason, and I want you to be like Me. Love to give. Love to bless others out of the more than enough supply that I have given you. Pour out your love and give because you LOVE TO, not because you have to, says the LORD.

I give seed to the sower, and bread for your food, says the LORD. The seed is to sow, not to hold onto. The more you sow into MY field, the more you will reap. Seed will be in the mature fruit. I have sown good seed into you, and the fruit what contains the seed needs to be sown. Let your love be great, your giving be cheerful, and your reward will exceed your expectation. As you give, it shall be given onto you, and your harvest will be determined by whether you sow sparingly or bountifully in My field, says the LORD.

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