Have Unwavering Faith in GOD

Many can believe Me for the possible, but very few will believe Me for what they consider to be the impossible, says the LORD. But both are the same to Me, for one is not more difficult than the other. Everything is subject to Me, and nothing is hard at all. It is easy for Me to perform miracles and create something new. It is simple for Me to make a way where there is no way, says the LORD.
Will not My people that are called by My name, My church that is MY body, rise up and be the body of believers that I have birthed them into My kingdom to be? says the LORD.

Arise as My glorious church and be known for your unfeigned faith that is uncompromising, undiluted, unwavering, pure and holy, says the LORD. For I Am looking for faith that will not fail, that will not change, that will not be mixed with fear and doubt, so that I can perform the miracles, signs and wonders that I desire to do. Be one who believes, so that you can see My glory revealed from faith to faith, as I do the spectacular, miraculous, awe inspiring works in your generation, so that many will say, as they did when Elijah, My prophet, called fire down from heaven, in the sight of all that gathered, “The LORD, He is the GOD. The LORD, HE is the GOD,” says the LORD.

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