Help is on the way, says the LORD. Though you feel helpless, you are not. I will give you the help you need, and you will not be left floundering, trying to make decisions on your own, that you fear will cause you grief. When I Am your source of Help, it is complete and you need NONE OTHER. I will show you the way. I will give you the counsel you need, and you will have the direction that you need to go forward, as you trust in Me. I will never abandon you as others have done that you trusted in. Although they have failed you, disappointed you, abused you, deceived you and left you defenseless and clueless, I will NOT be like that. NEVER! Says the Lord.

You will discover that I will NEVER LEAVE YOU, says the LORD. I will NEVER fail you! I will never abuse you! I will never misuse you! I will never disappoint you! I will never steer you in the wrong direction. I will never entrap you. I will never give you bad counsel. You will never be defenseless, because I AM YOUR DEFENSE! I will never lie to you, and you can totally believe that what I say will be performed to the very letter and punctuation mark, as you put your faith and trust in ME. I AM TRUSTWORTHY and will honor MY WORD. I will not break covenant with you and will never promise you something that I will not perform. You will know that I AM abiding, Faithful and TRUE, and as you lean on Me, I will give you all the support you need, and hold you up and keep you from falling or failing, one hundred percent of the time, says the LORD.

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