Dedicated to the Presence of God

I Have Prepared My Banquet Table for You

Dedicated to the Presence of GodCome into My presence where I have prepared My banquet table for you, says the LORD. You will enjoy sweet fellowship with Me as you sit close to Me and enjoy the things that I have reserved for you. No one can take your seat, and no one can steal the things that I have for you to enjoy. You will have MORE THAN ENOUGH, for I never just satisfy you, but I AM a GOD of abundance. I love to give you good things to enjoy and Wow you and WOO you as My delightful bride, says the LORD.

I want you to stuff yourself with the bread of My presence until you cannot contain any more, says the LORD. BE fat and full of My blessings upon blessings that I daily have for you! I give you more than you can use, so that you will be a conduit of My blessing and download into the lives of others. You are never boring to Me, and you will never be rejected. I love to hear your voice, and time spent with you in My secret place is the desire of MY heart. I will give you more than you ever hoped for as you just come and eat and drink and be filled with My love, filled with My glory, filled with My unspeakable joy, Filled with my fire, filled with My Spirit, and receive of Me all that I have for you, says the LORD

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