There is a purpose in everything that happens to all those who trust in ME, says the LORD. Although the enemy has his agenda and desires to destroy you, it will boomerang into his face. He will not be able to destroy you or defeat you, but his diabolical works will be destroyed and he will be utterly defeated. I will turn things around for you, and you will not be the footstool, but you will trample the enemy under YOUR feet. The darkness will turn into light, the defeat into victory, the sorrow and mourning into joy and gladness, says the LORD.

Your pain will not last, for I will heal all your wounds, says the LORD. I will make you to forget the losses that you suffered, for the joy that awaits. I will restore, restore, restore! You will not be weak, but strong in Me. You will not look back on those things that you once valued, for that which is ahead will far exceed the former things. Your tears will be turned to laughter, and you will rejoice and be glad. For I Am with you, and will restore life and vitality in you, and you will be blessed beyond imagination, because I have set My love upon you, and marked you as My own, says the LORD.

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