I Am a GOD of increase, not decrease, says the LORD.  I Am not about division, but multiplication. You can be assured that I bless and do not curse.  I do not add burdens to you, but bear all that you will relinquish to Me.  I will not weaken you, but I Am YOUR strength. I give success and not failure, and you will know Me as your Loving Heavenly Father that has no boundaries.  My mercy for all who put their trust in Me has no end, says the LORD.

I will open the prison doors to all who are bound and set them free, says the LORD.  I have the keys that will unlock any door, and nothing and no one can keep you locked up.  I will bring you out of captivity, out of your wilderness wanderings, into the land of your promise, that you will possess.  For you will be glorified and beautified and fully furnished and equipped with more than enough, because you have Made Me your trust, says the LORD.

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