Inexhaustible Supply

InexDon’t cry over spilled milk, says the LORD. You did not manufacture it. I Am the One Who gave it to you in the first place, and there is plenty more where it came from. I Am El Shaddai, MORE THAN ENOUGH. I rained down manna from heaven for the children of Israel in the wilderness, where nothing grows. They had much more than they needed or wanted. The sun came up and melted what remained after they gathered for themselves and their families. Did they mourn over what dissolved? No! For there was always more every morning. Can’t I do the same for you? says the LORD.

I Am your source, always, says the LORD. I have an inexhaustible supply. There should never be any question of whether I can or want to or will supply your need. You are alive because I gave you breath. You exist because I formed you in the womb of your mother and caused you to come forth. Your losses are nothing compared to My inexhaustible riches. All the silver and gold belong to ME! I created it, placed it, and know where it is. I can make more if I choose to do so. The cattle on a thousand hills are MINE, and the hills and valleys, and all the earth belongs to ME. I will give you more than enough as you entrust everything to Me, for I can do anything, as I have no limitations, and according to your faith in ME, so shall it be for you, says the LORD.

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