I will open up new doors for you that you never considered possible and make a way for you that you never dreamed of, says the LORD. For what I do is spectacular. I will do phenomenal things that no man could imagine, let alone do, so that I will get the glory. I will pour out My Miracles and there will be unusual signs and wonders. For I will not give My glory to another. I will command, and it will be done. I will do great and mighty things by My Spirit, and My Name and fame will be known, says the LORD.

I Am the LORD of glory, and there is NOTHING that I cannot do, says the LORD. I will bring revival in the land, and the harvest will be great. I will pour out My Holy Spirit and My fire and display My power in a dry and thirsty land. The days of miracles are among you, as there will be a shift in the heavenlies, and My windows in Heaven will be open. No longer will there be the worship of man that will perish, and My fear will return, and My Name will once again be Known and honored, when I turn things upside down, and I cleanse and purge the land by the consuming fire of My SPIRIT, says the LORD.

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