My Table is Spread for You

Come into My presence and eat and drink at My table that is spread for you, says the LORD. I have prepared My supper for you, and you can have all that you desire. There is NO limits, and you need not be hungry and thirsty, but fully filled and satisfied with all that I have reserved for you. Come empty. Come hungry. Come thirsty and be filled and fat and full of my blessings upon blessings upon blessings, says the LORD.

I have removed the boundaries and there is no limitations, says the Lord. You will Know that I am ALL-POWERFUL, and there is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE with ME. My SPIRIT will not be bound, and I have set you free. You will ascend in new heights of MY glory and know that miracles are a must, and signs and wonders will follow the believer and I will put Myself on display as the GOD that answers by fire, says the LORD.

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