Press Deeply Into Me

My deep is calling for your deep, says the Lord. I desire you to seek Me from the very depths of your heart, and come into the very depths ts of Mine, says the LORD.  Press deeply into Me and look for the hidden treasures in My presence that are not able to be extracted from you.  For I will give you the things that gold and silver cannot buy, that will be more valuable than jewels and precious stones.  I will share My secrets with you when you desire the deeper things of My Spirit, says the LORD.

Do not come to Me just to get things that will perish with time, says the LORD.  But approach Me as your ETERNAL Father who gives you Eternal life, Eternal gifts, Eternal treasures and Eternal things that cannot perish throughout time and eternity. As you seek ME, and press into My heart, and desire MY MIND, and want eternal things, do you think you will lack any good thing?  I will meet all your need, and you will NOT have to even ask Me for your daily needs if you Make Me and My kingdom your priority and pursuit, and those lesser things will also be granted to you, but you will not care for them as you once did, when you have the hidden treasures that I have reserved for those who will press deeply into Me, says the LORD.

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