Seek Me First and Watch What I Will Do for You

     Let Me be your highest heart’s desire and your earnest pursuit, says the LORD. Seek Me first and watch what I will do for you! For when you love Me and seek Me and put Me and My kingdom first, do you think you will come out on the bottom? I will regard your prayers as a priority, because you have made ME yours! I will bless you, because you have blessed My name. I will honor you because you have honored Me, and I will elevate you, because you have lifted Me up, says the LORD.

My goodness and mercy for you will FOLLOW you all the days of your life, says the LORD. You will know that My love for you is not a fairy tale from a story book, but real and unchangeable, undefeatable and unrelenting. My love for you is ardent, fiery, and cannot be quenched. Your faith that works by your love for Me will be rewarded, and I will keep you, night and day, prepare My table before you in the presence of your enemies, and give you all that you desire, because you have put Me first, says the LORD!

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