Sing and Dance for Joy

RejoiceRejoice in Me, says the LORD. Sing aloud My praises. For the days of your mourning are over, and I have turned your sorrow into joy and your mourning into dancing. Laugh out loud and shout for joy. For My glory will be seen on you as I shine My face upon you and turn things around for you. It is a new day for you, and old things have passed away. You will be made to forget the former things that caused you so much pain and suffering in the light of the glory that will be seen upon you, says the LORD.

You have wept bitterly, says the LORD. But now you will laugh uncontrollably, even as Sarah of old laughed when she embraced her promised son. I will cause the barren to sing. Those who thought they were forgotten will come out of obscurity, and enjoy the light of a new day. You have wept long enough. Your suffering has not been in vain. You have been found faithful, and you will throw away the bleak mourning clothes and put on the garment of praise, and take up the timbrels and sing and dance for joy, says the LORD.

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