PathwayDon’t look so far ahead that you cannot see what is directly in front of you to do, says the LORD. You need not live your future today, but take the steps in the right direction. You have things to do today that are just as important as your future, for what you do today will become building blocks that will sustain what will be. Do not wait for something great to happen when I have given you work to do now. DO what you can while you anticipate the good things that will come, says the LORD.

WORK IS WORK and what you do right now cunts, says the LORD. Preparation is just as important as the performance, for you must make sure not to skip steps because of your impatience. Let there be a sound building for what I have called you to do, so that there is no weakness that will cause what will be to crumble and fall. Be patient in the process, for I am building you, making you, tempering you, fashioning you, so that you will be perfectly ready to do all that I have called and equipped you to do for My kingdom purpose and for My glory, says the LORD.

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